Friends, meet Julie:

Friends —

Meet Julie, mother of two. Julie is worried about Obamacare. This is her worried face:

In reality, Julie is the star of the Koch Brothers’ $1 MILLION ad campaign attacking Obamacare.

According to the New York Times, the ad uses a classic tactic:

Julie should be worried… about what Republicans in Congress are doing right now.

Julie, mother of two, will have to pay more for college if Republicans don’t budge on student loan rates.

And this week, Republicans stripped food stamps for the poor from the farm bill. That hasn’t happened since 1973.

They can’t even get their act together to pass a comprehensive immigration bill. (This is how we imagine Republicans’ closed-door meeting went)

So we know you’re worried, Julie.

But no matter what the Koch brothers say, Obamacare’s not the problem.

It’s these guys.


Democrats 2014

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