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July 2013 Newsletter
Dear Ted

Last month the World Affairs Council of Las Vegas launched a new program – the International Business Forum.
The International Business Forum is based on best in class models of our sister organizations in Minneapolis, Indianapolis, Baltimore and Orlando to help connect the dots between foreign policy and business.

Many businesses engage national non-profit partners because they understand how grass roots organizations such as the WACLV help promote foreign policy solutions.

International non-profit organizations serve as the social eco-system to connect businesses with government, other non-profits, education, and grass roots advocacy on issues that are important for both the community and business growth.

How do we maximize the benefits of government programs and non-profit agency capability to support international business growth for Southern Nevada companies? WACLV has had a lot of success in the areas of water, entrepreneurship and sustainable urban development:

  • Switch, Zappos, the Downtown Project and others have worked with us to make Las Vegas a must see place for entrepreneurship.
  • DRI has participated in a number of programs to develop relationships with high level visitors on water.
  • Our sustainable urban development program engages public planners as well as private industry to paint a picture of how to grow a city without increasing the carbon footprint.

We are fortunate to have Stan Parry, Paul Jabber, Annette Whiteside and Vivian Palmer working on this important initiative to connect business with foreign policy. We know that it takes two to three years from the start of a relationship to bearing fruit – that is the role of the non-profit – connecting people with the hope of building relationships, partnerships and collaboration that will bear fruit for business and the community.

WACLV recently hosted one of the first official visitors from Cuba. Cuba represents a tremendous opportunity if the embargo is lifted – and the time to build relationships is now!

Through your participation in our programs and your membership – you are supporting economic development in Las Vegas!

Please take a moment today to renew your membership or formalize your support of WACLV by becoming a member.

Matthew McNeelege, President,
World Affairs Council of Las Vegas


The U.S. Global Leadership Coalition annual conference entitled “Innovations in Smart Power” took place June 25-26, 2013 in Washington, D.C.
Members of the Southern Nevada delegation were Dr. Carina Black, Dr. Harriet Gagliano, Carlos Silva, Prof. Elfie Manning, and Lt. Col. Annette Whiteside.
This delegation met with some of the most influential leaders in Washington to discuss the implementation of a smart power strategy and new ideas for innovative approaches to make diplomacy and development more efficient and effective as well as creating public and private partnerships.
2013/2014 Membership Drive
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Membership in the World Affairs Council of Las Vegas is a gift of knowledge, global awareness and friendship to enjoy all year!

Did you miss Professor Kantathi Suphamongkhol’s presentation?
Listen to his KNPR interview!

Prof Kan

Click here to listen!

Member Opportunity
WACA logo2013 National Conference

The World Affairs Councils of America will host its 2013 National Conference, Six Top Issues for 2014, November 13-15, 2013.

The Six Top Issues selected by the National Network’s leadership as the most important national security issues for the coming year are:

  • Cybersecurity
  • U.S. Energy Independence
  • Global Economic Realignment
  • Middle East
  • Global Environment Issues
  • K-12 Education

All current WACLV members are eligible to attend the conference.

Citizen Diplomats Wanted
Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteers are needed for the following groups – all visitors are English speaking:

International Economic Development Delegation (six countries) – July 20th to July 25th

July 21st – Volunteers needed to take the visitors shopping and to explore the Las Vegas Community

July 22nd to July 24th – Volunteers interested in serving as embedded volunteers to serve as host and assist visitors. Transportation is provided – expect a full day of seeing the inner workings of economic development in Southern Nevada.

Pakistan, India and Nepal – South Asia Water Management Program July 30th to August 3rd

July 31st and August 1st – Volunteers needed as embedded volunteers to serve as host and assist visitors. One day will include a tour of Hoover Dam. Preference given to STEM teachers and other teachers. Transportation is provided.

Interested? email: contact

Check it out!
Global Charity Foundation Fundraiser
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In This Issue
USGLC Annual Conference
Professor Suphamongkhol on KNPR
Professor Suphamongkhol on KNPR
Professor Suphamongkhol on KNPR
Citizen Diplomats Wanted
Global Charity Foundation Event
What is WACLV?
The World Affairs Council of Las Vegas (WACLV) is a non-profit 501c3 and non-partisan organization devoted to “Enhancing International Understanding” in Southern Nevada. While WACLV does hold some member only events during the year, membership
is open to all.
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