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The Best of NPR Books 7-25


This week, our Summer Books series continues with historical fiction and hidden gems — plus a Maasai detective fights crime in Nairobi, Irish writer Kevin Maher on hating and loving James Joyce’s Dubliners, and director Henry Jaglom on his many lunches with Orson Welles.
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Critics' Lists: Summer 2013

Fact Behind The Fiction: 5 Great Historicals For Summer

Author Jean Zimmerman chooses five books that “pick up where history leaves off,” shedding new light on often forgotten corners of history, from the unruly Florida frontier of the 18th century to the real-life little dancer who inspired Edgar Degas’ famous sculpture.
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Critics’ Lists: Summer 2013

In Nairobi, A Maasai Detective Pursues Elusive Justice

Former journalist Richard Crompton set his first novel, a crime thriller, in a city that many still know as “Nairobbery.” His protagonist, Detective Mollel, is a warrior for justice in a city that would happily settle for peace.

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Critics’ Lists: Summer 2013

Hidden Gems: 5 Summer Books That Deserve More Fanfare

There is just so much to read! Every year many good books get lost under a tide of prose. Reviewer Meg Wolitzer celebrates five books that might have slipped under the radar.

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Critics’ Lists: Summer 2013

A Gut-Punch Of Sadness In James Joyce’s ‘Dubliners’

Author Kevin Maher laughed off the Dubliners as a 12-year old, yet one line stayed with him. It was that line that convinced him to go back to the stories, discovering a love of James Joyce in the process.

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Critics’ Lists: Summer 2013

Q&A: Director Henry Jaglom, Author Of ‘My Lunches With Orson’

Director Henry Jaglom was a close friend of Orson Welles — and with Welles’ permission, he recorded several years’ worth of their lunchtime conversations. Nearly 30 years after Welles’ death, those transcripts are being released as a candid, blunt and personal book.

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FAYM’s “Violins for Kids” Project

“Enhancing the lives of those we touch by helping people reach their goals.”

FAYM’s “Violins for Kids” Project

The Foundation to Assist Young Musicians (“FAYM’s”) “Violins for Kids” project offers instruments, free lessons, concert experiences and a 2-week Summer Camp for disadvantaged youngsters in Las Vegas.

Click HERE to see a recent ABC TV feature about the “Violins for Kids” project.

Your help is needed to maintain and expand this valuable program. Please play your part by making a contribution today at:

Our volunteers and youngsters THANK YOU for your support!

PS If you have already made your 2013 contribution, kindly forward to your interested friends.

Foundation to Assist YoungMusicians 9513 Coral Way
Las Vegas, NV 89117

We won! Now what?


DOMA and Nevada View online
ACLU of Nevada

What the end of DOMA
means for you

Learn more about what happens after DOMA with these fact sheets.

Dear ACLU supporter,

Last month, the ACLU of Nevada celebrated with ACLU client Edie Windsor and Americans across the nation when the Supreme Court struck down the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA). Our country’s highest court ruled that the federal government cannot discriminate against married same-sex couples by denying them federal benefits and protections.

This historic ruling is monumental for our country, but what does it mean for married gay and lesbian couples who live in Nevada, which still has a discriminatory definition of marriage? What federal benefits are available to married gay and lesbian couples? Learn what the end of DOMA means for Nevadans.

Nevada’s constitution prohibits same-gender couples from marrying in the state, but the ACLU of Nevada remains committed to fighting to ensure that all loving and committed couples in Nevada can marry. This year’s legislative session, we fought successfully for SJR 13, to define marriage to include all loving couples. But to become law, this resolution must pass the 2015 legislature and then be voted on by the public in 2016.

Because all couples do not yet have the freedom to marry in Nevada, many questions remain about how the DOMA ruling may affect you, your friends and your family. Learn what the end of DOMA means for you.

Thank you for standing with the ACLU in this historic victory and as we continue our fight for the freedom of all Nevadans to marry. It is the support, determination, and hard work of ACLU supporters like you that makes the change we all seek possible.

In Liberty and Equality,

ACLU of Nevada

P.S. For up-to-date resources and information about Nevada’s progress toward the freedom of all loving couples to marry, bookmark

Square Connect with the ACLU:

FREE Community Drum Circle with Arthur Hull!

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Come out for the FREE Community Drum Circle on Sunday, July 28, 4:00-5:30pm at Music 4 Life with Arthur Hull!

Legendary mu­sician and Drum Circle Facilitator, Arthur Hull, lands in Las Vegas on Friday for an inspirational weekend of rhythm fun. He teaches round-the-world techniques for musicians and non­musicians to lead groups through recreational music making experiences with drums and percussion. For people looking for a unique way to motivate and lead groups, or for those wanting to express themselves through community inspired music­ making activities, this 15-hour weekend experiential training is the place to be.

Learn it in Las Vegas and spread it to your neighborhood!

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More this week for YOU: Flower Code Workshop, Drum n Dance Middle Eastern Rhythms, Bonding Time by Keeping Time for parents & tots, early morning Open House, Time Management for Busy People, & Music Medicine! Check our calendar or RSVP here.

We look forward to seeing you!

Judith Pinkerton
Music 4 Life Health Club & Training Center
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Music 4 Life, Inc. | 2975 South Rainbow Blvd | Suite B | Las Vegas | NV | 89146

4 Ways to be a Better Networker

Entrepreneur Josh Hartwell* offers tips for expanding your network:

1. Expand Your Comfort Zone
2. Remember – Every Relationship Matters
3. Develop a Thick Skin
4. Be Persistent

*Inc., June 2013

“Enhancing the lives of those we touch by helping people reach their goals.”