Patients Turn to Private Medical Research Team MetaMed to Find Cures

Leading Silicon Valley Venture Capitalist Peter Thiel backed Start-Up MetaMed: “On Demand Medical Research” is up and running. (
Patients, frustrated by risks and inefficiencies of the current U.S. health system, have begun retaining private teams of doctors and medical researchers to deliver solutions. This is where MetaMed comes in. Accessed virtually, MetaMed services for personalized medical research is available in the U.S. and globally. MetaMed provides personalized medical breakthroughs by leveraging data-driven research and rational analysis of studies, in a package customized to fit the needs of patients and their doctors.

MetaMed’s Chief Science Officer, Michael Vassar, explains: “Over 30% of fatal illnesses are missed during diagnosis, and this figure hasn’t changed since the 1930s. Cancer death rates have decreased by less than 5% over the past 40 years.”

These problems can be tackled by the continuing revolution towards personalized, evidence-based medicine. “The results of most published papers turn out to be false”, explains Alyssa Vance, President of MetaMed. “Their design is often flawed, and medical journals unfairly favor positive results over those that prove a treatment doesn’t work. And many drugs only work on a fraction of the population, due to differences in individual biology. We help fix these problems with a rational approach to evaluating studies and developing treatments.”

Patients work with their current doctor, or are introduced to one by MetaMed. The team on-boards their entire medical history, and can examine the patient’s genome, model their individual metabolic variations, understand their disease processes at the biochemical level, and locate targets for intervention. By looking at the entirety of the patient’s health history, symptoms and test results, MetaMed is able to identify new connections between biological processes and their associated diseases.

Experts estimate there are nearly 100,000 preventable deaths annually in the U.S. alone, and the time it takes for new discoveries to actually reach patients can be up to thirty years, if at all. MetaMed, ( a start-up backed by PayPal co-founder and billionaire Peter Thiel and co-founded by Skype founder Jaan Tallinn, has begun accepting new patients who want to be certain they are getting the most effective and appropriate treatment.


For more information, or to schedule an interview with the founding team, please contact Michael Vassar at mvassar, or call 800.621.6163


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