Training in Las Vegas – Arthur Hull Drum Circles!

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In Celebration of community ­building world­wide Village Music Circles, REMO inc. and Music 4 Life® are bringing legendary mu­sician and Drum Circle Facilitator, Arthur Hull, to Las Vegas, Nevada for an inspirational weekend of rhythm fun. Arthur teaches techniques for musicians and non­musicians to lead groups through recreational music making experiences with drums and percussion. For people looking for a unique way to motivate and lead groups, or for those wanting to express themselves through community inspired music­ making activities, this weekend experiential training is the place to be.

Register now for July 26-28, 2013. Site details here.

Learn it in Las Vegas and spread it to the world!
Judith Pinkerton
Music 4 Life Health Club & Training Center
Call 702-889-2881

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Music 4 Life, Inc. | 2975 South Rainbow Blvd | Suite B | Las Vegas | NV | 89146

6 Best Practices for Preparing YOU for Your Next Presentation

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Becoming The Zen Speaker

As I prepared for the Rape Crisis Center’s Annual Denim Day Luncheon in Las Vegas last month, I realized my ritual for the day of a speech is a combination of several activities designed to make sure I’m calm, confident and compelling when I speak. In fact, it begins the night before the speech.

You may want to use some or all of these six techniques as you prepare to dazzle the audience:

  • Do everything in your power to block out any other appointments or chores for that day. Do your running around the day before so you can concentrate on the important task at hand—giving your best speech.
  • You won’t catch me practicing my speech over and over on the day I’m delivering it. That doesn’t mean I don’t go over it. You just won’t catch me, because it’s rehearsed in my head that day. Get in a relaxed state of mind through meditation (the length depends on whether you’re speaking in the morning or evening, and if you’re rushed) and mentally go over the speech once, noticing if there is anything that feels it needs to be changed, eliminated, tweaked or just practiced more. Make whatever changes are necessary and repeat the process in that relaxed state.
  • Visualize giving your most compelling speech! Close your eyes and mentally see yourself entering the room, calmly networking with audience members, being introduced, approaching the podium, smiling, and delivering a meaningful, effective and memorable speech. Hear the applause!
  • Zen_Speaker_CD_Buy_Now.jpgRepeat affirmations. No more saying, “I’m nervous!” and having that become a self-fulfilling prophecy. Verbally or mentally repeat affirmations such as, “I’m a calm, confident and compelling speaker. My audience wants to hear what I say and they appreciate me. I am prepared and ready.” This works and will put you in a state of mind where you are calm and project warmth to the audience. My new guided inspiration will help you model this practice.
  • Breathe! Make sure you are breathing from your diaphragm and take a few slow, deep breaths. And now, it’s show time!

What rituals do you practice before an important meeting or a presentation or keynote speech? Send me your favorites.

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Patients Turn to Private Medical Research Team MetaMed to Find Cures

Leading Silicon Valley Venture Capitalist Peter Thiel backed Start-Up MetaMed: “On Demand Medical Research” is up and running. (
Patients, frustrated by risks and inefficiencies of the current U.S. health system, have begun retaining private teams of doctors and medical researchers to deliver solutions. This is where MetaMed comes in. Accessed virtually, MetaMed services for personalized medical research is available in the U.S. and globally. MetaMed provides personalized medical breakthroughs by leveraging data-driven research and rational analysis of studies, in a package customized to fit the needs of patients and their doctors.

MetaMed’s Chief Science Officer, Michael Vassar, explains: “Over 30% of fatal illnesses are missed during diagnosis, and this figure hasn’t changed since the 1930s. Cancer death rates have decreased by less than 5% over the past 40 years.”

These problems can be tackled by the continuing revolution towards personalized, evidence-based medicine. “The results of most published papers turn out to be false”, explains Alyssa Vance, President of MetaMed. “Their design is often flawed, and medical journals unfairly favor positive results over those that prove a treatment doesn’t work. And many drugs only work on a fraction of the population, due to differences in individual biology. We help fix these problems with a rational approach to evaluating studies and developing treatments.”

Patients work with their current doctor, or are introduced to one by MetaMed. The team on-boards their entire medical history, and can examine the patient’s genome, model their individual metabolic variations, understand their disease processes at the biochemical level, and locate targets for intervention. By looking at the entirety of the patient’s health history, symptoms and test results, MetaMed is able to identify new connections between biological processes and their associated diseases.

Experts estimate there are nearly 100,000 preventable deaths annually in the U.S. alone, and the time it takes for new discoveries to actually reach patients can be up to thirty years, if at all. MetaMed, ( a start-up backed by PayPal co-founder and billionaire Peter Thiel and co-founded by Skype founder Jaan Tallinn, has begun accepting new patients who want to be certain they are getting the most effective and appropriate treatment.


For more information, or to schedule an interview with the founding team, please contact Michael Vassar at mvassar, or call 800.621.6163

Baseball Cards Depict Literary All Star Team

Brian Morell of Quirk Books has assembled his very own literary baseball team.
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