Free Golf and Balance Seminar: Thursday

I’d like to invite you to a free golf and balance seminar I’m conducting at The Legacy Golf Course, Henderson, NV. this Thursday from 5pm-6pm. 130 Par Excellence Dr.

Dr. Bob Donatelli’s, Strengthen Your Game, Golf and Balance Program will help you:

– Improve Balance
– Improve Hip Strength
– Increase Club Head Speed
– Improve Consistency
– Increase Distance

Dr. Bob Donatelli, PhD, PT, OCS has a long list of accomplishments and titles within his profession including; National Director of Sports Rehabilitation Physiotherapy Associates, Personal physical therapist for Andy Roddick, ATP tour, Physical therapist for the PGA Tour, Consultant for the Philadelphia Phillies and Milwaukee Brewers, Instructor at UNLV PT classes, and Clinic Director of an outpatient facility providing Sports and Orthopedic rehabilitation. He was also the Physical Therapist for the Champions Tour of Tennis, which included tennis legions such as Jimmy Conners and John McEnroe.

Here we are on his weekly Strengthen Your Game, radio show.
Dr. Bob’s Radio Show

We will be meeting in the restaurant area inside The Legacy Golf Club from 5pm-6pm.

Feel free to bring other golfing friends. If you haven’t done so already, please RSVP to me if you are able to attend.

Many Thanks!

Kristin Sunderhaft
LPGA Teaching Professional

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