Senator Richard Bryan Receives a Standing O

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One great speech
does not make a great speaker…

The Standing O recipient this month was chosen because—from his time as Student Council President to his tenure as US Senator—he has communicated calmly, confidently, and compellingly. The great care he has always taken in preparing and delivering his speeches reflects his lifelong commitment to public service.

What you say and how you say it demonstrates who you are. Senator Richard H. Bryan is someone who always cares about his audience whether it’s one person or 1,000 people.

Even with over 50 years of public speaking experience, Senator Bryan always prepares what he is going to say and practices how he wants to say it. He also does what so many fail to do: he researches his audience. Just a couple of months ago, Senator Bryan called the coordinators of a business group luncheon where he was scheduled to be the keynote speaker. He asked about the makeup of the audience, the room and stage setup, and the desired outcome. Many people, especially at his level, go on autopilot and don’t take those opportunities seriously. Unlike those who don’t care enough to put some time and effort into their presentations, Richard Bryan is continually admired and respected for his communication skills.

When asked why he thought people should put effort into their presentation skills, Senator Bryan said, “You are frequently judged—fairly or unfairly—based on how you speak. Also, I have always felt that you have an obligation to do the best you can for those asking you to speak and those taking the time to listen.”

Please join me in congratulating this month’s Standing O recipient, Senator Richard H. Bryan, for his decades of dedication to the art of public speaking.

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