Saving the foals -> Wildhorse Annie returns

14 February 2013

Annie Jantzen <high_desert_gypsy>
(775) 434-9967

Wildhorse Annie II fights for Carson herd

CARSON CITY, Nev. (14 Feb. 2013) — A new neighborhood group is up against an arbitrary Monday deadline trying to stop a Bureau of Land Management roundup of a longtime Carson City Deer Run wild horse herd.

“The neighborhood and community were taken by surprise when BLM acted independently of the law requiring that the public be notified of any proposed action so that alternatives may be fairly evaluated,” stated Deer Run Wild Horse Protection Group leader Annie Jantzen.

“Citing questionable public safety and genetic issues, the federal agency recently trapped five horses, approximately half the herd,” Jantzen added.

“The biggest danger lies in the potential spontaneous abortion of foals if pregnant mares are traumatized by capture and moving, a sadly frequent occurrence,” the Carson City photographer stated.

“This gentle herd has been peacefully living among the community for more than 30 years on the eastern edge of town between Brunswick Canyon and the Carson River. They are loved by nearly everyone.

“The feds plan to trap the remaining horses including three pregnant mares due to deliver anytime, according to a local vet who visited the herd this week.

“If they are trapped and taken, they will likely spontaneously abort the foals,” Jantzen stated.

“The same thing happened one year ago when the BLM trapped a herd near Reno and 20 wild horses aborted their foals. The BLM clearly has not learned that horrible lesson and apparently doesn’t care about the welfare of the wild horses they are charged to manage,” she noted.

“After a group of local citizens learned of the trapping, we contacted the newly-transplanted Leon Thomas, field manager of the BLM’s Carson City office.

“We asked for a meeting with him. He set it for a noisy restaurant at noon, a very counter-productive environment. Mr. Thomas opened the meeting by saying that he had already made up his mind to trap the remaining horses in the herd, which left us wondering why he bothered to meet us at all. He asserted that he had received numerous ‘venomous e-mails’ from citizens opposed to his recent actions and plans.

“At the end of the meeting, I asked Mr. Thomas if he would stand down on the trapping of this gentle herd until we had time to view his alleged complaints and provide alternatives and solutions. He told us he would give us two weeks ending next Tuesday, Feb. 19. He did not state which laws or rules authorize such a tight time frame.

“He further suggested that I be the point of contact for the group. Mr. Thomas added that if he received any more e-mails on the subject from anyone other than me, he would pick up the horses,” Jantzen said.

“Mr. Thomas cited public safety and genetic issues to justify his actions. In a subsequent conversation, I informed him that our group needs documentation of the alleged complaints. He told me that he had none but that he would establish a system of documenting complaints in the future.

“He also said that ‘I’m not going to let that group dictate how I run my office,'” Jantzen asserted.

Members of the preservation organization have filed a request for documents under the Freedom of Information Act and are feverishly researching legal options. They have contacted Rep. Mark Amodei, R-Nev.

“We have reached out to other wildlife organizations. We’re just a group of horse lovers in need of the assistance of experts who know how to navigate government processes and we have almost no time left,” Jantzen said.

Jantzen is a Nevada photographer working on a book about the wild horses of this area and specifically the Deer Run herd.


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