“Son of a Gambling Man” by Governor Bob Miller

This an exciting time for me, as my book “Son of a Gambling Man” will be released soon. It has been published by MacMillan Publishing, St. Martin’s Press & Thomas Dunne books. I am proud to say that the forward was written by President Bill Clinton.
The book combines my life experiences with the amazing transitions that occurred in the City of Las Vegas and the State of Nevada. I think you might find it enjoyable reading. You can pre-order at a discount athttp://us.macmillan.com/sonofagamblingman/BobMiller ,http://www.barnesandnoble.com , www.amazon.com orwww.apple.com . It will be carried nationally in Hudson bookstores and Barnes and Noble stores as well as other retail locations.
Please mention the book to anyone else that might be interested and be on the lookout for book signing dates & locations.
Bob Miller
RJ Miller Consulting
Nevada Governor 1989-1999

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