: Doing something for the Las Vegas Community

Date: 2/12/2013

Subject: Doing something for the Las Vegas Community

Last Thursday while attending the monthly meeting of the Las Vegas Astronomical Society (LVAS), a non-profit organization of amateur astronomers, I discovered a marketing opportunity, how to have fun, and how to help the Las Vegas Community.

The LVAS has partnered with the Boy Scouts to establish an observatory at Camp Kimball Boy Scout Camp on Mount Potosi, about 30 miles outside Las Vegas. LVAS will host public events at the observatory. Read the Review Journal article at http://www.lvrj.com/news/stargazers-boy-scouts-plan-to-set-up-mount-potosi-observatory-179249711.html.

This presents a marketing opportunity for your business because the LVAS needs a bit of help for the observatory. In fact about $20,000 worth to complete the project.
A $500 sponsorship from your company can generate a lot of public recognition as well as a free one year annual membership to the Society for your family. And upon completion of the observatory (hopefully no more than a few months), you and your family can attend a special appreciation night to observe the stars with guidance from knowledgeable astronomers (not me).

Amateur astronomy is fun, even if you’re not a rocket scientist. The LVAS conducts an Education Outreach Program generating an interest in science and astronomy for children and adults. Check out the cool things you can do with your family by visiting the LVAS website athttp://www.lvastronomy.com.

The uniqueness of this alone is worth it. So put on your creative marketing hat and contact Jim Gianoulakis, President, at 702-241-7693,jim.gianoulakis.



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