Free Music Medicine Boot Camp


Access new revenue streams with this cutting edge Music Medicine Boot Camp™! If you are a music therapist, health professional, musician, or own a wellness company, this online webinar is for you!

EXPIRES Sunday, 2/24/13
FREE Music 4 Life® Music Medicine
Boot Camp™ 5-hour Webinar!
Register here for free.
Buy the Boot Camp Workbook here for $25 (31pp downloaded).

Learn how to think and act differently when referring to, accessing and performing music applied as medicine.

“Call Roto-Rooter, that’s the name,
and away go troubles down the drain.”

Kind of like a roto-rooter, Music 4 Life’s Music Medicine protocol goes straight to the thought process creating stress, cleans the problematic mood, and re-boots lifestyles and workstyles with emotional fluidity using easy, inexpensive, user-friendly training to access music libraries differently. Significantly reduce stress for yourself, your clients, audiences and customers.

This e-Learning experience is Step #1 for you!

Music Therapists can become certified and licensed to participate in our telemedicine platform.

Health Professionals can become certified to incorporate another healing tool into their practice.

Musicians can become certified as Music 4 Life® Performers.

Wellness Partners can become certified and accredited as Music 4 Life® Partners offering online assessments and products to increase revenue with your company’s products and Music 4 Life® products.

Everyone starts with this Basic Training Camp before proceeding to Advanced Training in your specialty areas.

Got Questions?

We have the answers – call 702-889-2881
in Las Vegas, Nevada!

Offering you a stress-less life from Music 4 Life, Inc. We look forward to hearing from you!

Warm regards,

Judith Pinkerton, MT-BC/L
Music 4 Life, Inc.

Call 702-889-2881 (Nevada/USA)


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