Bait & Switch Game? A Repeat?

Mr. Hubert Humphrey is back with his latest iteration of his Primerica, World Lending Group, World Leadership Group, etc. Here’s our experience with one of his organizations.


LAS VEGAS, NEVADA – September 27, 1999

One evening in August, meetings were held in over 100 cities to introduce the new multi-level marketing opportunity called was described as ” an exciting new e-commerce company” that is uniquely positioned “to allow people from all walks of life to be on the cutting edge of the exciting e-Business world in which we live.” offered a great opportunity to be in business for yourself, not by yourself. It’s alliance with, dubbed “The World’s Lifestyle Destination Portal” allows Zillionaire I-Associates to qualify for stock options in “based on the number of unique users that the associate signs up for the site.” Other e-commerce relationships allow I-Associates the opportunity to earn income from other leading-edge products and services., the product, was both a “portal” website and a new Internet Service Provider, promoted as being competitive, if not better than AOL.

I attended one of the meetings with several hundred like-minded individuals at the Palace Station Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas. Like-minded in that we were all interested in finding a potentially lucrative business opportunity with little or no overhead or up front cost, a product that was “cutting edge”, and an opportunity that would not necessitate having to abandon our current career endeavors. seemed to be an Internet-related product that could be “naturally” promoted via The Web.

That evening, we were first shown a video that featured among others, Hubert Humphrey, founder of and the World Marketing Alliance (WMA), (no relation to the former Veep I am told.) Speakers from WMA/ talked about their goal of “creating wealth for your family,” the potential of getting “in” on the bottom floor of an E-commerce business, and several times and AOL were mentioned as comparables. The power of the Internet was the selling point, as well as potential stock incentives, if and when, went “public.” The selling sizzle of the deal was definitely the stock options. The price for admission as a Associate was $50.00, cheap for an Internet-based business.

That night, my wife and I expressed our desire to be a part of this new marketing venture, and began to plan a strategy to promote the business opportunity,, and the product, The most obvious vehicle for promoting an Internet-based business would be on the Internet.

Later that same night, I utilized several search engines to locate all the sites, and much to my surprise, the developers of had failed to place their site in the numerous search engines available on the Web. (You may have used one to get to this page.) It was an opportunity to good too be true and I seized upon immediately. I developed several webpages to extol the virtues of the opportunity, and immediately submitted my site to various search engines. My efforts placed my webpages in the top five positions on most search engines.

That was several weeks ago. Since then, I have been instructed by marketing and legal departments to remove the webpages referencing At first I said that I would, and then after further thought, why? Why should I take it down, and undo all of my initiative and work? I revamped the initial webpage by removing any logos, any reference to stock options (I figured they had some problem with the SEC on discussing the “sizzle” promoted at the recruiting minutes. A bit hypocritical, but heh.), and I copied an “approved” letter directly from the official website. Now, it seems that effort wasn’t good enough either. Hmmm.

An opportunity, that most reasonable people would find perfectly adapted to the Internet, has been deemed by the hierarchy as “unacceptable,” and even though I used “approved” language given to reps via the website and other “approved” materials, the use of the Web is “unapproved.” I asked various individuals in the organization several times to show me what language is “unapproved” and I would remove it. No go. Their answer was: “Take it down.”

I have been told that wishes to promote its opportunity through “personal contact.” It is my feeling that the reason they wish to do this is that can then be used as a “lead-in” to promote the securities and investments offered via the World Marketing Alliance (WMA). This belief was reinforced when a corporate honcho asked if I was licensed or planning to get licensed, presumably for WMA, and I would also I presume, peddle investments to “create wealth” for families.

So be it. Who I am to question the wisdom of Mr. Humphrey, a man I am led to believe has more money than most hard-working folk will see in three, maybe four, life times; a man who has been on the cover of national business magazines, on national talk shows, and has and continues to create mega-wealth for his family and a few of his associates. (But does he own a professional sports team like his mentor A. L. “Art” Williams? I don’t know.) But, hats off to him.

As Steve Martin as been known to say, “Well, excuse me” for thinking outside of the box. I must though thank a few of the people within the WMA organization (and you know who you are) for at least understanding how asinine this policy seems. And, yes, to satisfy the minions of, I have removed from my webpage any “sales pitch” for and, as well as my sales Associate registration number (a number that was to help “create wealth” for me and my family.). I have also removed any linkage to the Zillionaire or DotPlanet sites.

Certainly, Zillionaire/Dotplanet will survive without my webpages referring them business. Since I have the floor, I do want to state: “Mr. Humphrey, please have your recruiting hype match your organization’s goals and expectations.”

P.S. Seems that several of the few people who recruited me have gotten wise to’s “bait & switch” tactics, and they have bailed from the deal. is a “come-on” to get in the door to sell securities for WMA (World Marketing Alliance, Inc.). Oh, well, live and learn!



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