Write Your Own Obituary!

Yes. You read it correctly!

Write your own obituary. Now.


Now read it!

Is the Obit you wrote about yourself  – right now – the life you wanted to live?

If it is, then CONGRATS to you! – for getting it right, for finding your purpose, for pursuing your dreams, goals, ambitions, finding YOUR ESSENCE – whatever you want to call it. YOU can stop reading NOW!

IF on the other hand, the Obit sounds more like “someone else” and not what IS your true Essence, your true CALLING, your TRUE SELF, then you have some work to do!

Believe me, this is a bitch to do!

You have spent how many years, maybe decades, doing somethings you can’t figure out how they connect to your ESSENCE, your BEING, your PURPOSE?

THEY (you know who THEY are) say it’s not too late to begin “The  Shift”, meaning “The Shift” to truly live the life you wanted to live at the end of your existence on this Planet.

Again, this isn’t always easy!

Yet, you are really not here except to live your own life.

That doesn’t mean “Selfishly” (although it can). It means that your life, your purpose can include those around you whom you love and care for, and it can mean that you help them grow, and have and live their Life’s Purpose as well. That’s called Parenting, or being a Friend or a Mentor. 🙂

It only takes incremental adjustments to begin “The Shift”.

Think of a large ocean liner. It only takes a Shift of a few degrees to take the ship in a totally different direction and a different Port of Call, i.e. destination.

Incremental Shifts! That’s all.

One incremental shift at a time.

Get busy! Write Your Own Obituary! Or you can call it – Your Wikipedia Bio. 🙂

We’ll write later on some tools to help you . . . .











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