Gotta Ask Yourself A Question . . . “What Did I Learn Today?”

What Did I Learn Today?

What ONE THING, one skill, one piece of information, one something I Learned Today that will be useful in my life? (That CAN include the lives of those around you that you share.)

Until the moment you stop breathing, you should continue learning – something – everyday!

And a particularly GOOD DAY is one where you learn MORE than one useful tidbit.

And at the end of each day, you gotta ask yourself, “What did I learn today?”

Because if you don’t, you may not remember, you may not “internalize”, you may not “realize” that you ARE or ARE NOT Learning, progressing yourself as a person.

And  what you Learn does not have to be “earth shattering” or “rocket science”, it just has to be something that helps you GROW and COPE and BE as a person, or help someone else around you. 🙂

Your NEXT question to ask? How am I a BETTER PERSON today than yesterday?

We can call this exercise Self-Actualization 101.

And it you are Particularly Bold and so inclined, you can ask yourself, “What did I do Today to make the Planet, or at least my little piece of it, a better place to live?”


Incremental Shifts! That’s all it takes. 🙂






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