Your Mind is Creative by Ernest Holmes

Thoughts are Concepts which Develop into Experiences
We believein spiritual mind healing; it is part of our conviction and our practice. At the same time we do not disbelieve in any form of healing, whether it be medicine, surgery, psychiatry, diet, or exercise. Some people say to me they think that we should believe in only one. Every new discovery in medicine is just as much a revelation of God for a specific purpose as a new invention or a new interpretation of Life itself. There is only the One operating in all the channels. To deny this would be to rest our case on the basis of superstition, which is ignorance. And an ignorance that leads to a new form of dogmatism is built on a sense of fear and separation from the Universe.In our field we are interested in spiritual mind healing. I do not consider this the most important thing we teach, but I think that it is important that we should be relieved from suffering. The person who is in pain or fear naturally wishes to be released from it rightly and as quickly as possible. I do not believe that God has imposed suffering upon anyone to punish them or to teach them a lesson. To me this is stupidity and ignorance. Human beings seem to have assumed the prerogative of determining that God inflicts the suffering. Actually, we appear to be responsible for our suffering through ignorance of our Divine nature. We believe that spiritual mind healing is a complement to medicine, to psychology, and to every system of therapeutics. Some day these fields will all come together now more than most people realize. I have not known one single physician who would not have been glad to have had a spiritual practitioner working with their patient. I have had hundreds of them tell me this.

That is the way it ought to be, because one field does not interfere with the other. However, spiritual mind treatment, under right conditions, can and may transcend other methods. We shall have to recognize this if we believe that we are living in a spiritual system, because that is the way the Universe is organized and operates. it is a spiritual system of Intelligence acting as law. There is One Mind and we use it. Our word is operated upon an intelligent creativity superior to our own. Therefore, when it comes to the act or a spiritual treatment, it is a conscious declaration of our belief in a Presence whose wisdom moves through our ideas and whose action as Law manifests that treatment for definite purposes. There is nothing more specific than a definite spiritual mind treatment. The simplicity of it is this: A spiritual mind treatment is an atmosphere of feeling followed by words consciously and definitely formulated, with a supposition that these words acted upon by Law, are for the person with whom they are identified; and that what is implied in the treatment will transpire in the experience of the person being treated.

We always find this is one of the most difficult things to explain because of its simplicity. The first point I want to make clear is that we do not send out anything to the person we are treating. We believe, along with the great thinkers throughout the ages, that God is everywhere; therefore, all of God is wherever God is – what God knows is known everywhere, so to speak, and everything is present at all times. Modern physic is beginning to take this position, too. It is no longer strange to think of an unbroken unity of the whole. Nor should treatment be thought of as a concentration of anything. No on ever concentrated the principle of harmony or of mathematics of or beauty – they only used it.

Our treatment, then, begins with the recognition that there is One Life, that Life is God, that Life is Perfect, and is the life of the one we are treating, say John Smith. He is a Divine being now, not by-and-by. He didn’t make himself a Divine being, nor did we – any more than we made the world round. That is the way he inherently is, regardless of any appearance to the contrary. Now, according to what you and I mean when we say the word “God” there will be in our world an essence – that which we call the spirit of the treatment which is different from the letter. Both are necessary; one is the conviction of awareness, the other is the form of wording of that awareness.

What does it mean when you or I say that there is One Life, and that Life is God, and the life of John Smith now? It means that in reality there is nothing in this man’s life different from God, other than God, separate or apart from God, and that there is nothing in the Universe that desires to harm or hurt this man.

But we all know that this concept is not accepted everywhere. however, psychology and psychiatry have made a tremendous contribution to our field. Let me say right here that wherever you can get any truth to add to what truth you have, grab it. Learn once and for all that sugar is sweet, whether you find it in the sugar bowl or the dustpan. Truth is truth whoever announces it, from whatever source it comes. You and I will learn more by putting together all true knowledge for a still greater synthesis than by rejecting ideas because we may not like the source from which they come.

Now, psychologists point out that a psychological repression, in conflict, is a group of highly emotionally charged thoughts, ideas, and feelings so deeply buried in the unconscious that it cannot be brought to the surface by an act of will or though the imagination. They tell us that seventy-five to eight-five percent of all illnesses and accidents is the result of an unconscious desire on the part of the people now have them to get away from the liability of living. At the core of a neurosis are always four constituent elements: rejection, guilt, insecurity and anxiety. it is believed that every person has a neurosis because there is no one who has not made mistakes or “sinned”; it is just a question of how active it is. this takes us right back to why Jesus forgave sins. he knew what he was doing; and what he did is as up to date as the very latest invention is today. His teachings are timely because he spoke from the Heart and Soul and Mind of the Universe. that was his mission.

We believe it is scientific in our field to relieve people of their sense of guilt. A spiritual mind practitioner in talking to their patients and in treating them will relieve them of their neurotic liabilities. You may ask, “How will they do it?” Here is one of our basic principles: Thoughts are things; mental states in total become a mental impulsion to create and produce that which is like them. In a spiritual mind treatment we incorporate those ideas which relieve the sense of isolation, the burden of guilt, and the condemnation of rejection; it relieves the tension of insecurity and anxiety and heals the neurosis in such degree as it goes deeper than the thoughts that gave rise to the neurosis.

For instance, most weariness we are now told is the result of a lack of enthusiastic joy in living. Therefore, spiritual mind treatment must realize joy. John Smith must be awakened from apathy that was first mental, then subjective, and finally physical.

Someone might ask, “How are you going to get this over to John?”

In our practice, what the practitioner silently realizes for John Smith is his or her own mind is known in the medium of the One Mind, which is also operating through the patient’s mind and, theoretically at least, rises to the same level of realization in the patient’s mind. therefore, the person treating or praying for John Smith must have a deep feeling about God.

Let us continue our hypothetical treatment:“God is Love. There is only this One Love, and he is aware of it. He is aware that he is wanted, needed, and loved. he belongs to the Universe. God hasn’t rejected him, and no one else can.

He does not reject himself. there is no condemnation or judgment operating through him. Every plant that my heavenly Father hath not planted is rooted up and cast out. This word establishes perfect circulation, assimilation and elimination. Whatever there is that does not belong, is eliminated. he has a consciousness of belonging to life, of feeling the Divine Presence, and now accepts his good. He has a complete sense of being unburdened and enters into the joy of living, which is reflected in every aspect of his experience. He has faith in himself. The perfect action of God casts out all unlike god, and I give thanks that it is doing this right now for John Smith”

Each person can speak out of their own consciousness of God and heal the discord within the lives of another. Have you more love than there is hate in them, more joy than there is grief, more beauty in your own soul than there is ugliness in theirs; is heaven more real to you than discord? Do you really love your fellow beings and in compassion wish them freedom as much as your own?

Declare it and decree it, and as surely as the day follows night, shall it dawn upon you through experience, out of practice, that there is a silent Power, actual and dynamic, that heals. Like the blind man Jesus healed, you, too, will know that the people you prayed for have been befriended by the Infinite One, whose Compassion they felt, whose Love overpowered and restored their vision of life. And you, too will hear them say, ” … whereas I was blind, now I see.”


This article comes from the January 1965 issue of Science of Mind Magazine


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