Religion is like a box of chocolates . . .

An oldie yet goodie. 🙂

Religion is like a box of chocolates . . .

– we keep enjoying it as long as we keep getting what we like.

Do you see that box of chocolates? Yes, the one right there . . . on your lap.

We’re always getting them …. boxes of chocolates.

Sometimes, we receive them when were happy, like a special day, as a gift. Other times we get a box when we’re not feeling too hot, and we – WANT – TO – EAT – THE – WHOLE – BOX.

Sometimes, well we just get a box for – no – special – reason – at all.

Look! Look at your box of chocolates. There are so many to choose from. Where do we begin? There are light chocolates and dark.

Some, I know have creamy centers . . . and some have nuts.

Ah ha… here’s one we’ll try. A light chocolate peanut cluster.

(We’re not very adventuresome at first with our chocolates. It takes awhile to get to know them. )

Taste it. Mmm. . . not bad! We’ll have another.

This time… let’s try a dark. Good choice!

Taste it. Mmm… a creamy fudge center. Maybe we could eat these all day long. What do you think?

But, there are more to try. Look at this one. Isn’t this, uh … strange? It’s in the shape of a…, I don’t know?

Take it out. Examine it. I like the form. Don’t you? It flows . . . freely.

Very, very distinctive. It has a… a spiritual quality. That’s hard to find in a chocolate.

Take a bite. Yes, I know that it is a bit unusual, but take a bite.


Kiwi fruit! Too bizarre!

I’ve had enough. I’ll settle for the peanut butter cluster.

Religion … it’s like a box of chocolates.

Bon Apetit.


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