D.C. and West Virginia at Extremes of Economic Confidence

DUH! DC hasn’t experience THE GREAT RECESSION much at all! Call it GOVT spending.

That’s the problem with this recession is that it is so uneven.

Go to the Bottom 10 States, Nevada included, and see what it is REALLY like . . NO significant job creation at all! Competent, educated professionals “on the street” all over-qualified for any openings, and thus NOT being considered by hiring managers. Better to train “newbies” in corporate culture, than try to retrain seasoned professionals, many set in their ways, OR they have been unemployed so long that their “edge” is suspect.

Application forms that say “Unemployed need not apply”! A new wrinkle on Discrimination practices.

And economic pundits predict 2013 will be more of the same – or worse – as Govts at all levels cut back further on spending. Public Sector lay offs to join the Private Sector ones – whom have already used up their unemployment months/years ago. Hmmm.

Not good! 😦

D.C. and West Virginia at Extremes of Economic Confidence.


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