Join Robinhood and we’ll both get a free stock

Join Robinhood and we’ll both get a stock like Apple, Ford, or Sprint for free. Make sure you use my link.


If you haven’t found Seeking Alpha, find it!

If you haven’t found Seeking Alpha, find it! Create a Watchlist of companies you are interested in and you will get emails of news on those companies/stocks.  Analysts are great to get you interested in a particular stock or industry, but you still need to do research yourself.  Does the investment meet YOUR needs? Is it a company that YOU want to invest in. You don’t want to invest “emotionally”, but there are certain issues that companies may be involved in that I WON’T invest in. That’s MY personal decision.


Investment Tools . . .

If you get really nutty like me wanting to know about companies I may invest in or have invested in, I go to their websites, subscribe to their RSS fees (if available), follow them on their SM feeds: FB, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, blogs. Follow the CEOs or key officers on THEIR feeds (if available).

I also connect to SM feeds of key analysts or brokerage houses. I don’t follow all of them, but certainly the ones in industries I’m interested in.

Investing is a Business, your Business.

One great tool for investment beginners & beyond . . .

One great tool for investment beginners & beyond is Yahoo Finance:  We use it (along with other financial sites) to evaluate potential Buys.  Yahoo Finance is free, quick and easy to get a quick overview of a company/stock. It has several “pre-loaded” Watchlists & Screeners to identify potential “Buys” that may meet your investment goals/criteria.  You can build your own Portfolios, import CVS files as well. We have our “Holdings” Portfolio to monitor daily activity, total gain on investment and notes regarding Target Price to potentially sell if desired.  We also set up “model” Watchlists: stocks recommended by analysts to evaluate, stocks evaluated for potential “Buy” divided into different categories – i.e. 10%+ Upside, 15%+, 20%+ Upside (undervalued stocks), High Sustainability Ratings, specific industries if desired.  Check it out!